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13 Posture Boxing
Weekly Classes

Free practice in the city! Starting on December 9th, 2015 we will offer a eight-week session of introductory Tai Chi Chuan lessons. First-times, beginners, intermediate or advanced players and the generally curious are all welcome to visit us for any or all sessions. This is a fun, free class!

We will study and practice the Tai Chi form and the two-person sensing exercise, Push Hands. Even though Push Hands is an advanced level of Tai Chi usually started after years of form practice, this class will cover this topic in a way that is accessible to all levels. In particular we will look at how Tai Chi's Ti Fang technique informs Tai Chi's form practice. We will experiment with how the principles we learn in the form (relax, sink, be upright, move from the waist, separate Yin and Yang) are part of the soft martial application.

See more information on our Event Bright announcement under our new name Fair Trade Tai Chi, Inc. And please check back with us for upcoming classes.

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